Squid Council Profile

The powers and functions of the Statutory Council include, inter alia:

  • to perform the dispute resolution functions referred to in section 51 of the Labour Relations Act;
  • to promote and establish training and education schemes;
  • to establish and administer pension, provident, medical aid, sick pay, holiday and unemployment schemes or funds or any similar schemes or funds for the benefit of one or more of the parties to the council and/or their members;
  • to conclude collective agreements
  • to give effect to the matters mentioned in the constitution;
  • to enforce those collective agreements;
  • to prevent and resolve labour disputes;
  • to determine by collective agreement the matters which may not be an issue in dispute for the purposes of a strike or a lock-out at the work-place;
  • to confer on work-place forums additional matters for consultation;
  • to provide industrial support services within the sector;
  • to determine and administer uniform conditions of employment for all the parties to this council; and
  • to monitor compliance.

The scope of The Statutory Council for the Squid and Related Fisheries of South Africa is as follows:

Squid fishing by means of hand-line jigging method from fishing vessels at sea, including the maintenance personnel who are responsible for keeping the vessels and ancillary equipment in a sea-going and serviceable condition, the administrative (office) personnel who are responsible for the administrative function (the paper work) that inevitably goes with the employment of personnel as well as the land based factory personnel who are responsible for the handling of the Squid on land in the land based processing plants.

The current Chairman of the Council is Hamilton Mlunguzi.